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Support your student’s journey to hybrid learning

Parents, families, and guardians

Whether your student is learning in the classroom, or in a hybrid model, find the help you need to keep them motivated, connected, and on track to succeed.

Guidance for parents, families, and guardians

Get the free, accessible resources and tools you need to support students of all ages and abilities as they navigate learning from home.

Distance learning with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams

Engage your student with easy tools they can use at home—the same industry-leading productivity tools that will take them from kindergarten through college and career. Free for students and educators.

Learn how to foster a dynamic hybrid learning environment with student-centered tools.

Use these tools to help support your student.

Guides and demos for families

Quick start guides and demos.

Getting started online with Microsoft Teams

All students need is their school sign-in information to get up and running in their online classroom with free Office 365 Education and Microsoft Teams, accessible anywhere and on any device.

Try the Teams demo

This demo will help you learn how to support your student’s learning in Microsoft Teams.

Remote and hybrid learning parent mindsets

When Microsoft reached out to parents this fall, we learned that not all families are experiencing remote and hybrid learning the same way. Some families feel like they are thriving, others are simply coping, and many feel overwhelmed. We created a simple way for parents and guardians to self-identify so that we can provide you with resources to meet your specific needs.

What’s your remote learning experience?

  • I’m thriving:

    • I have high academic expectations for my child, even during remote learning.
    • I feel like I have the tools and skills needed to help my child succeed right now.
    • I’m looking for creative ways to take my child’s education to the next level.
    • My child is very self-reliant and takes a proactive approach to learning.
    • I’m able to invest a lot of time to find the most comprehensive learning resources.

  • I’m coping:

    • I’m more worried about my child’s health and social-emotional needs than academics right now.
    • It’s hard to balance remote learning with our other tasks, but we do the best we can.
    • I’d like tips to help keep my child engaged in learning and resources that make learning fun.
    • I feel like my child’s education is a team effort.
    • I have a little time to look for resources, but I’m really looking for easy solutions.

  • I’m overwhelmed:

    • It’s hard to focus on academics right now when there’s so much else to worry about.
    • I don’t feel like I have the time, resources, or skills required to be a co-teacher.
    • My child needs a lot of support with remote learning.
    • Since I don’t have a lot of extra time during the day, I need quick solutions.
    • I need fun learning activities to help me keep my child busy during the day and resources that will help my child be more successful.

Keep your student motivated

Help your student stay involved and connected with all the tools and resources you need for successful hybrid learning like Flip, Minecraft Education, and MakeCode.


Watch confidence and creativity flourish as your student records short, authentic videos on Flip, sharing their voice, through Microsoft’s free video discussion platform. You’ll find a constantly updated library of fun and educational activities with easy-to-use instructions.

Minecraft Education

Teachers in more than 100 countries use Minecraft to engage students in STEM, language arts, history, and creative projects. Now you can play Minecraft at home using these immersive, fun, and educational self-guided activities.


Help your student continue their computing education at home and empower them to become a problem-solver with self-paced tutorials and fun projects, from an introduction to computer science with micro:bit to MakeCode Arcade video tutorials.

Tips for students

Learn how to do almost anything in Microsoft Office 365 Education with these short, informative videos.

Frequently asked questions

Continuing to drive student engagement and focused learning can be a challenge, especially for those moving to remote learning for the first time. Caregivers need support to help make this work. To help parents and guardians support their children, we have created a Remote Learning Guide for students and parents. We’re continuing to build additional resources, which will be available in the coming days.

    There are a number of cloud-based applications in Office365 Education that are great for remote learners.

    • One of the most valuable collaboration tools we offer for classrooms is Microsoft Teams. In Microsoft Teams, teachers can connect with one another in online PLCs (professional learning communities) and they can connect with students–distributing and grading assignments, chatting with students to offer support as needed, and conducting video calls to ensure students still have valuable face time with their peers and instructors while out of the classroom.
    • OneNote is also a great tool for remote learning, offering students the ability to record work in an online notebook, even when they are offline.
    • And in Flip, students can have conversations about curriculum and share their voice via short videos online.

    Schools and students are all eligible for free Office365 with an EDU email address and can sign up here. If a school is already licensed for Office365, parents should receive the correct log in information from the school for their child to access the necessary tools for online learning. The Microsoft EDU team has also created a guide for parents on the Remote Learning page on