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Leading the way with AI

Built-in AI

Radically accelerate your productivity with AI features built directly into Microsoft tools and services.

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Build the future faster with Microsoft AI

Create, communicate, and code

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Experience AI in action

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See solutions built with Azure AI

The Microsoft Cloud runs on trust

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Get AI-ready with Azure

Migrate your data to Azure to build a strong foundation for your AI-powered solutions.

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Start building intelligent apps with Azure AI

Build and deploy your own AI solutions using advanced vision, speech, language, and decision-making AI models—even create your own machine learning models.

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Boost developer productivity with GitHub Copilot

Help developers code faster, stay in the flow longer, and build great software with less effort—even in languages they're less familiar with.

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Revolutionize the way sellers work with Viva Sales

Get out of busywork and in front of customers with an AI-powered seller experience platform.